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Free Standing Bathtubs – Are They Your Style?

Shopping for bathtubs is for a person who knows what they want. There are many different types of bathtubs with many different purposes.

One purpose is freedom of placement. Free standing bathtubs are a perfect solution for this purpose. You could basically put it anywhere in your bathroom, as long as the plumbing permits, to create a stylish statement in the bathroom.

Another purpose is style. A free standing bathtub has a contemporary, sleek look; you can also find a rustic 20th century revived style. Even a claw foot tub can be categorized as free standing. While a modern look may remind you of the city and prosperity, a vintage feeling that comes from a claw foot bathtub may remind you of the romance and peace in life. Whatever theme you prefer to bathe in, you are sure to become pleased with the look and comfort your free standing tub will bring to your bathroom.

Free standing tubs have a deep soak style for you to relax in. Believe it or not, some may have matching sinks and toilets! This type of coordination is where personality comes in.

Free standing bathtubs are available at a shocking yet reasonable high price. The cost of these unique tubs range from $1,000 to a jaw dropping $12,500. (This price range is mainly focused on the contemporary, sleek style tub.) But if you know what you want, then the price isn’t so unexpected.

Free standing bathtubs designs include the abrupt rectangular, classy slipper, and basic oval. These bathtubs can be made with antique brass, shiny brass, shiny copper (tin inside), antique copper (tin inside), acrylic, and even wood paneling. Whatever statement you want to make in your bathroom, just remember to evaluate every potential element, including the tub, and ask yourself, “Is it your style?” If you’d like help choosing the right style for your bathroom, one of our certified Bathroom Remodeling Contractors can assist in making sure you choose the right tub for you.

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