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Fiber Glass Bathtubs, Are they Common?

These days, you don’t see a whole lot of fiberglass materials in bathrooms any more, which is funny, considering that this particular material used to be very common. Most people think fiber glass isn’t very durable; true, however, if it is well taken care of it can last for many years and still look fairly brand new. Many people pass over fiberglass because of the downfalls with using it, like staining and weakening over time. In most cases this is true, but like anything you may own, it needs to be taken care of. The plus side of fiberglass that people tend to ignore is that this material does not chip or discolor.

Fiber Glass Care

Depending on the type of water you have (like water with high iron), you won’t need to worry about rust stains, which are very difficult to remove. There are cleaning products, however, that are made specifically for cleaning fiber glass material. If you use any other type of cleaning product without knowledge of how it may work, you can end up ruining your fiber glass material. Don’t use liquid products for cleaning fiber glass. This type of cleanser does not get rid of the rust away. To help protect your fiberglass material, coat it with wax intended for fiber glass boats. This will give it a good shine, protect the surface, and stop stains from appearing. You will need to reapply this wax as needed to keep up the care of your material.

More on Fiber Glass

Fiber glass is literally made from extremely fine glass fibers. Its more common uses are for mats, insulation, reinforcement, sound absorption, heat resistant fabrics, corrosion resistant fabrics, high strength fabrics, and corrugated fiber glass panels. The use of fiber glass really is flexible. But whether or not it is a good use for a bathtub or sink really depends on how well you are at cleaning and care. Fiber glass is very “high maintenance” and will prove to be a good investment only if it is taken care of.

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