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Claw Foot Bathtubs – Remember the Old World

When you think of bathtubs, what are you reminded of? Simplicity? Relaxation? Comfort? Romance? Refreshment? All of the above! And what kind of tub creates a relaxing ambiance while calming your nerves? The claw foot bathtub.

Made from cast iron, copper, and acrylic, with average prices ranging from $1100 -$3000 and above, these tubs are the classic design that originated from the “old world” of simplicity.

The claw foot bathtubs have come a long way in design. Now in the new millennium, instead of just the rustic look of copper and iron, claw foot tubs can even be custom painted. This is a wonderful way to harmonize old world tradition with new world ideas. Along with custom paint, you also get the choice of faucet location. These bathtubs can be made with the faucet on the side or at either end of the tub, making your bathroom design a lot easier. Proper placement also helps create whatever mood you’re trying to achieve in your bathroom.

“This tub was meant to be here.” If you want that feeling, claw foot tubs come in a variety of selection and matching faucet types to help you find your style. Unique faucets such as the English Telephone range from a price of $300 to $460. They, too, come in different looks such as chrome and brushed nickel.

An excellent characteristic that the claw foot bathtub has is shape. This tub is beautiful, no matter what the style it is in. The main attraction to a claw foot bathtub, aside from the claw feet in which it is perched upon, is the sexy slipper shape and the deep bowl. There’s also an undeniable vintage quality, reminding you of romance, simplicity, and relaxation.

If a claw foot tub sounds right for you, get free estimates from our Bathroom Remodeling Contractors and be on your way to enjoying your classic and stylish tub!

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