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Wood Bathroom Sinks: Different, Functional, Beautiful

When redesigning the bathroom, we tend to visualize the overall space, keeping functionality and great design in mind at the same time. A good way to combine all of this is by using a wood vanity sink. Great for design, these sinks are actually being used more often than not. Some wonderful features about these neat wooden sink vanities include the following:

  • Their style. They vary in style from antique and modern to traditional and contemporary. They’re also sold in compact designs.
  • Functionality. Wood vanity sinks function just as well as any other sink. The only difference is their unique style and design.
  • Variety. Wood vanity units can be made of or carved from wood, and there are choices between round sinks, square sinks, and even double vanity sinks for those who prefer his and her units.

Wood sinks made from oak or teak wood are literally awe inspiring. These sinks are made in the shape of a bowl, square, or rectangle. Made from the inspiration of sailing ships, wood sinks typically consist of kiln dried, natural wood, sealed by several coats of a natural varnish to protect the material from the water.

Wood sinks can be handcrafted. Oak sinks reveal the organic look of natural grains, which is very common in the bathroom style, while teak wood found in Southeast Asia is in demand for its unique color and hardness.

Prices for these awesome sinks aren’t cheap, but you can enjoy the unique look they create for years to come, if you’re willing to pay the price.

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