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Bathroom Remodeling Plans

You know the old adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” It might not be a total disaster, but failing to plan your bathroom remodeling project is certainly not recommended. A good plan always starts with ideas on paper. Plan it to scale - a drawing helps you weed out unworkable ideas and gives you the freedom to try things you hadn’t even thought of.

#1 - Map it

  • Starting with a sheet of graph paper, draw out the room one wall at a time. Take one square for every 6 to 12 inches. Remember to be consistent.
  • Next, mark off the spaces where doors and windows are. Note the heights of the windows, as well as how high above your floor the sill is located. This will prevent some epic mistakes.
  • Mark the current locations of the toilet, ventilation fan, the hole where the plumbing extends through the wall, light fixtures, electrical outlets and switches. While these things can be relocated in your remodeling project, it will be a simpler and less expensive undertaking if they remain constant.

#2 - Loves & Hates

  • Itemize a list of Dos & Don’ts - features of your current bathroom that you love and want to repeat, and then the garbage you’d rather annihilate. Don’t forget to incorporate things you’ve seen in other bathrooms that would look fantastic in yours.

#3 - Get creative

  • Draw in the new features. But create back-ups first! You want to have alternate plans to compare looks and costs, so take your blank floor plan and make copies first. That way, you can play around with several plan ideas at once (because you’re genius like that).

#4 - Mad scientist method

  • Be bold, try new things. Draw in contemporary cabinets, a sexy pedestal sink, clawfoot or jet stream tub, glass shower enclosures, or maybe even a private corner shower unit.

#5 - Free estimates

  • Once you’ve got a few solid plans, start talking to professionals and get a feel for what your new bathroom will cost. Keep a budget in mind - both what you’d like to spend and what your maximum is.
  • Price should play a role in the design process. If your plans are too costly, don’t scrap the entire thing. Just go back to the drawing board. Find out what it is about your current plans that are running up the total and find your happy medium.

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