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bathroom faucetsChoosing a bathroom faucet can be tricky but lots of fun. There are various styles and finishes to choose from. This simple, utilitarian fixture will be a part of your everyday life, and your selection can set your bathroom off with a touch of elegance, comfort, warmth, or pizzazz. Bathroom faucets can be divided into the following general categories.


These faucets have separate handles for hot and cold water, and a spout in between them. The three pieces are distanced farther apart than they are in other units and appear to be separate. It is suitable for a spacious sink in a contemporary bathroom. This unit needs a three-hole installation basin.


Center set faucets are smaller versions of the widespread faucet, with separate handles for hot and cold water on either sides of a spout. They combine spout and valves on a single basin unit and require three-hole installation basins.


Minispread faucets are a combination of the above two models, with the handles spaced farther apart than centerset models, but closer together than the widespread one.

Single hole

In this faucet, the single mixing handle is attached to the spout. This requires one-hole drill installation basins.

Basin Faucets

With basin faucets, hot and cold water handles are located on separate sides of the sink, each attached to their own spout. The hot and cold water come from two different places, and will only combine in the sink, which is often shaped like a bowl for a vintage feel.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted faucets are set above the counter or freestanding basin and require a long spout with an extended reach.

In addition to varieties in the general faucet type, handles themselves can be shaped like handles or crosses, wheels or rectangles. They can even be motion-sensored. Then there’s a medley of choices when it comes to finish, which can be single or combined in chrome, brass, enamel, ceramic, gold, pewter, nickel, bronze, and many others. Because you can choose from inexpensive plastic to high-quality brass, a faucet can cost anywhere from $25 to $2000.

Prior to purchasing your faucet, it’s important to determine if it’s compatible with your sink. A certified bathroom contractor such as Lehrer & Son Construction or The Windward Workshop can help you determine if your faucet choice is compatible with your sink, then help you to mount and install it properly.

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