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bathroom countertops

Bathroom countertops allow more room for diversity than their kitchen counterparts. Unless you use serrated knives to cut bread in the bathroom, they take considerably less of a beating, so extra attention to beauty and appeal can be paid. Materials for bathroom countertops range from the basic and economical to the lavish and pricey.

Anything from granite and glass to laminates and stainless steel can be used. Stainless steel is excellent for modern bathrooms, while granite offers the appeal and strength of natural stone. Although relatively expensive, solid-surface materials are excellent bathroom countertop options. These are typically known by their brand names (Corian, Avonite, Gibraltar, etc.).

In addition to attractiveness and price, important things to keep in mind are degree of use, practicality, maintenance and style. A countertop is often the defining characteristic of a bathroom. Granite is abundant and beautiful, but requires some maintenance. Plastic laminates - melamine adhered to particle board - are the most economical, but are susceptible to heat and may be damaged by standing water. The following articles in our CalFinder Remodeling Library will explore, examine and explain the different types of bathroom countertop materials. And once you’ve decided on a product, we can connect you to a qualified bathroom remodeling contractor that will make sure the installation meets all of your needs.

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