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Basement Lighting

Choosing the right light fixtures for your basement is as important as any step of the basement finishing process.

Your first step is to make sure you have ample power sources installed in your circuit box. Once you have your lighting plan mapped out you should consult with your basement contractor and discuss your plans.

How the space will be used will be a big determining factor when deciding which types of lighting to install.

Home Theater

Recessed lighting or up-and-down wall lights with a dimmer switch would be ideal. You could add tube or strip lights to highlight seating rows and recessed or surface step lights to highlight steps.

Recreation, Playroom, or Hobby Room

You’ll want this space to be brightly lit. Fluorescent lay-in fixtures provide good general illumination and would be a great choice because they are energy efficient.

Family Room or Den

Recessed, track, or monorail lighting would be ideal. You could also add a couple table lamps or floor lamps. Another nice, yet indirect lighting idea is to highlight your pictures with art lamps. If you choose track or monorail lighting make sure your ceiling is 7 feet or higher to allow for head clearance.

Other ideas for brightening up your basement are surface mounted spotlights and directional lights. These types of lighting fixtures add a designer touch with lighting effects where you don’t want to install track or recessed lights. You can highlight pictures and architectural elements. Spot lights provide task lighting for an office or basement hobby/workshop. Another consideration is under cabinet and closet lighting which provide good illumination.


Adding LED treads to your stairs will ensure a safe trip from and to your basement.

Occupancy Sensors

Add safety, energy efficiency and hands free convenience with occupancy sensors. When you go down into the basement with your hands full the lights will automatically turn on and stay on while you’re in the room.

Glass Doors

If you want to add a touch of charm and, at the same time allow additional light from other rooms, consider replacing your solid wood doors with glass doors. Glass doors give an open, airy feel to any room and will make your basement look like it’s really part of the rest of your home.

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