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Design Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

Do you have a basement just sitting down there unused and unappreciated? Well, maybe it’s time to make a change and to convert that dark, uninviting area into an asset for your home. There are many exciting ways to utilize that space while adding more square-footage and value to your home.

Before even beginning a basement conversion, be sure you give the area a thorough inspection for any moisture, leaks, or structural weaknesses. You want a professional’s approval before you invest thousands into a renovation project. As demonstrated in these pictures, there are so many captivating ways to convert your basement. Let your imagination run wild, and create a space that will bring endless enjoyment to your home. Have fun with your project; just avoid a couple of these common design flaws:

  • Avoid the wrong lighting fixtures. Hanging fixtures, track lighting, and even flush-mount fixtures will all contribute to making the ceiling feel low and closed in. Recessed lighting is probably the best option.
  • Choose light colors for your décor. Dark colors will always make rooms appear smaller than they actually are. In addition, you probably won’t have much natural lighting to work with, and the lighter the walls the better.
  • Install paperless drywall. Basements tend to have problems with moisture. It is very important to have the proper ventilation, insulation, and drainage systems to prevent water seepage and the growth of mold and mildew. Paperless drywall offers just another line of defense against moisture problems.
  • Try and keep the doorways and ceilings as high as possible. You may be limited as to how high the ceilings can be, but the higher the better. Arching doorways, or simply leaving them open will help with lighting and space as well.
  • Avoid adding extra moisture. With proper ventilation, bathrooms and kitchens are quite possible in basement areas, but be cautious as they will tend to hold moisture causing appliances and fixtures.

A basement remodel essentially adds another floor to your house; and is sure to be an advantageous addition to your home. Request free estimates from prescreened remodeling contractors in your area.

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