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Basement Remodeling

Your family just purchased a new 50-inch LCD HDTV and you’ve realized that there is no place to put it. The living room and family room walls are all filled with windows, fireplaces or bookcases. The only space that’s left as a possibility is your basement. But, your basement is a mess. It leaks. The laundry is there and that makes noise. The stairs are narrow and dangerous and there’s a telltale odor of mold that no amount of air freshener or absorbent crystals have been able to remove.

What to do? The obvious answer is to remodel the basement! You’ve been meaning to do it for a long time. This would add many more square feet of living space to your home. And what better time than now to add to the value of your home while providing the perfect entertainment room for your new television! Of course, you’ll need to address the staircase and the moisture that led to the mold and mildew issues. Your remodeled basement will need all new walls, lighting, flooring and ceiling.

Perhaps you could purchase one of those great new finishing systems that are specially designed for remodeling a basement. And of course, you’ll have to enclose the laundry in its own room to eliminate the noise. Just think of what it will be like to watch all your games in the basement with your friends and family. This would also allow those in the family who aren’t so interested in sports on TV to pursue their interests undisturbed, upstairs. You could even put in a small kitchen to prepare your own snacks and store your cold drinks. What about installing a great new bar? Get a quote on a newly remodeled basement today.

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