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American Clay Enterprises of New Mexico,are proud purveyors of the Original Earth Plaster—a nontoxic, all-natural, USA-made plaster designed for interior finishes. American Clay’s mission statement proclaims that “Our mission is to bring universal awareness to the value of environmentally conscious products for our indoor living space.”

American clay rustic plaster

The plaster is meant as an alternative to cement, acrylic and lime plasters. There are four lines of American Clay plaster:

  • Loma offers a “charming, rustic feel” with matte colors. It is made from reclaimed marble, sand and multiple clays. American clay contemporary bathroomOne 50-pound bag of Loma applied in a single coat will cover up to 220 square feet.
  • Porcelina comes with a smooth surface and the polished look of Old World marble. It has a satin finish and is the more contemporary of American Clay plasters. One 50-pound bag will cover between 300 and 350 square feet.
  • Marittimo exudes “soft colors” and has a sheen that “shimmers like the ocean,” perhaps from the recycled, crushed shells used to make it. Burnishing and light sponging are utilized during application to create a luminescent feel. One 50-pound bag of Marittimo covers up to 180 square feet.
  • Enjarre is the rugged and earthen option. American Clay’s newest single-coat plaster, it is intended for large commercial projects, as it allows builders or homeowners to start with a single coat of Enjarre and then later upgrade to a premier plaster. This saves money on the more expensive plaster, making American Clay a more cost-effective product. One 80-pound bag will cover 150-180 square feet.

Colors of American Clay products depend only on what the natural world has to offer. Currently they offer 34 “Destination” colors and eight “Natural Depth” accents. Colors range from deep reds and browns across the spectrum to light blues and greens, culminating in a near-white plaster known as “Snow Canyon.” Each 50-pound bucket or bag of plaster comes with its own color pack (of your choosing) that is hand-mixed during application.

Speaking of application, American Clay’s website has downloadable .pdf documents explaining how to install their plasters by yourself. The process varies between two and three coats. There is also accessible information on traditional substrates, drywall preparation, maintenance and repair, as well as troubleshooting. American Clay also holds workshops across the country teaching customers how to apply their products and how to achieve the many finishes possible.

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