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Carrier Air Conditioners

Credited with creating the first modern air conditioning system, Carrier has been a mainstay in the industry for some 90 years. Many homeowners have found their products to be both reliable and long-lasting. If you’re considering a Carrier Air Conditioner for your own home, here is some more information to get you started.


The cost of a Carrier air conditioner depends on the size, make and model that you go with. You can find a dealer in your area here, or contact a licensed HVAC contractor near you for help selecting a system.


Most Carrier products come with a 10-year parts limited warranty.

Carrier offers heat pumps that can be paired with your air conditioning system so the unit can work year-round.

Carrier boasts air conditioning units with a SEER rating of up to 21.



Considered a leader in the air conditioning industry, Carrier products are known for their durability. Carrier compressors work better than most of their competitors, helping their products last longer as well. Of course, the better you clean and maintain your air conditioner, the longer it will run problem-free.


Neglecting your air conditioning unit can lead to an annual efficiency loss of 5%. In order to keep it running smoothly, make sure to clear any leaves, dirt or debris that may be blocking air flow.

Also, change the filters regularly and avoid using a hose to clean the interior of the unit, as this can lead to electrical issues. Any other required maintenance should be completed by a trained professional. Always call an expert at the first sign of a problem with your air conditioner.

Common Questions and Answers

Can replacement filters for a Carrier unit be purchased at a home improvement store?

No, you will most likely not be able to find the correct-sized filter at your local home improvement store. In addition, Carrier filters are made with higher-quality materials than the regular disposable filters. Keep in mind, however, that Carrier filter

What does the Carrier product warranty cover?

The warranty covers the cost of parts that fail during the warranty period (usually 10 years). It does not include the cost of labor. Speak with your Carrier dealer for more information.


The inventor of the first air conditioning system, Willis Carrier took his invention and began Carrier Engineering Company in 1915. Carrier was then acquired by United Technologies Corporation in 1979.

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