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Packaged Air Conditioning

Packaged air conditioning units are designed to provide different temperature control for different rooms. Known best for their use in hotels to keep each guest room a comfortable temperature, packaged air-conditioning consists of individually controlled units that can be an energy-efficient choice for homes and offices alike.

If you are interested in keeping the rooms of your home at different temperatures, or if you simply have one room you’d like to cool, here is some more information to get you started.


Costs of packaged air conditioning units vary depending on the size of the room you want to heat or cool. Get in touch with an HVAC professional for more cost information.


Packaged air conditioning systems are less expensive to purchase, install and run than central air.

Packaged air conditioning systems allow you to set a different temperature for each room they are installed in.

These units can be more energy-efficient by allowing you to cool only the area of the home you are currently in.


Packaged air conditioning systems are generally more expensive than window air conditioning units.

Packaged air conditioning systems do not include a humidity control.

They are not conducive to cooling or heating an entire home at one time.


If properly installed and maintained, a packaged air conditioning system can last between 10 and 15 years. It’s best to conduct regular cleaning and servicing when necessary to keep your unit running in optimal condition.


Maintaining packaged air conditioning systems isn’t terribly complicated, as long as the machines are cleaned on a regular basis. Remove any filters at least once a month, and clean with warm, soapy water. Dry and replace your filters. Occasionally vacuum the coils from the indoor evaporator to get rid of dirt and dust. This will keep the air flow from the unit smooth and clean, helping both machine performance and indoor air quality.

Common Questions and Answers

Where are packaged air conditioning systems usually installed?

Packaged air conditioning systems can be installed in the wall or inside a window. However, it’s important to note that the units are normally 42” wide, so only a large window would be able to accommodate it.

Are there accessories that must be purchased with a packaged air conditioning system?

Yes, a packaged air conditioning system requires a grill and a sleeve. You may also choose to purchase a drain kit and wall thermostat as well.

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