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I am a devoted Knoxvillian. It’s not hard to let the city seep into your pores and take control of your mind. I live in a city that’s authentically American, yet culturally diverse and mind-numbingly beautiful. And, hey, we’ve got the Vols. How many cities in the U.S. can say that?

When you think of Knoxville, you can’t help but think of the city’s heritage and camaraderie. Knoxvillians rally around the common passion we share for our sports teams, our industries, and our nearby Smoky Mountains. Knoxville homes are a reflection of the great city in which we live. They’re beautiful. They’re historically rooted. They’re modern. Comfortable. Changing. Knoxville life is woven up with how we live and what we live in. That’s one of the reasons that Knoxville is as good as it gets.

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