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Kansas City Remodeling Ideas

Unless you’re one of the initiated, you probably still think that Kansas City is part of the state of Kansas. Not quite, although we don’t mind our neighbors across the river. Kansas City is the gem of Missouri. This is the legendary city where jazz demigod Charlie Parker practiced his goosebump-inducing sax techniques in an empty lot. It’s the place where the world comes to eat BBQ. It’s a city obsessed with baseball in the spring and summer, and obsessed with football in the fall and winter (Royals and Chiefs, respectively). It’s home to more med schools than nearly any other city in the U.S. Oh, and we even have more fountains than any other city in the world…except Rome. (Seriously).

I won’t say we’re the best-kept secret in the U.S., because it’s not much of a secret anymore. By now, it’s just fact: Kansas City is flat-out awesome. Residents know it. The rest of America envies it. KC is the place to be.

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