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Remodeling a Sunroom

Remodeling a sunroom or creating a sunroom from scratch requires much planning and thought to make sure all the bases are covered. First, you need to decide what design your sunroom shall take. Will it be a simple, lean-to style that you will use only in the summer months, or do you plan to go the distance and have a full-blown conservatory with heating, air conditioning, insulation and furnishings for year-round use? The costs of sunrooms varies greatly and ranges on the high side to as much as $70,000. But most of them add significant value to the home.

Of course, the type(s) of windows that you choose will depend upon the sunroom’s design style, but also upon the functionality that you require. And perhaps the windows should be the kind that you can trade out in the summer months for screening. Converting an existing porch is one of the most common ways in which to create a sunroom. And there is always the permitting required for your local municipality’s building department.

Some people opt to purchase a sunroom kit to reduce the costs of installation. But, a contractor usually needs to be hired anyway to assist in the roofing and flooring and extension of electricity, heating and other features from the main house into the sunroom. There are several important questions to ask a contractor who installs sunrooms. To help you to get the most for your remodeling dollars, CalFinder has quite a bit of research to share.

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