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Backyard Landscaping

So often we hear the expression Home, Sweet Home. And that’s because home should be exactly that: sweet. While our front yards are often sculpted to show our “best side” to the world, the backyard can be reserved for whimsy, entertainment and fun. Landscaping the backyard can be a great way to extend your living area and give your family a private nook for enjoying themselves.

When designing a backyard landscaping project, you first need to come up with a plan. Try to think of what your family enjoys most while spending time outside. Ideas might include playground equipment, sports areas, a pond or pool, patio or deck, grilling area or even an entire outdoor kitchen.

Your next consideration is the degree of privacy you have versus the degree you wish to have. If your backyard is already sufficiently secluded, then you have no worries there. But if your property is wide open to neighbors and/or intruders, you might consider fencing. Fences come in many different forms. You can build a wooden privacy fence, plant hedges or grow tall evergreens. Keeping weeds and vines from climbing your fence is essential - even if plants are your fence. In order to maintain the fence’s integrity, consider cultivating a flower bed along the fence line. Low-maintenance plants like hostas or phlox can add beauty to your backyard without a lot of backbreaking work.

If you plan to do a lot of entertaining and cooking or grilling, be sure to have a landscaper or contractor help you design ample space for a deck or patio. You’ll want enough room to sit guests comfortably away from the grill. And of course, a party is always enhanced with music, so your backyard landscape could seriously benefit from installing a sound system. The typical system incorporates an indoor stereo or iPod docking station wired to speakers and secondary controls on the exterior of the house. With new technology, you can have music wherever you may roam in your backyard. What’s more - speakers today can be made to look like stones, logs or other designs to fit your yard motif.

Backyard landscapes are fairly open designs, but if you opt for a multifunctional backyard, you may wish to separate the areas with some plants to give each space definitiveness. Short hedges or bushes are a great way to define different yard areas without obstructing your view from any one spot.

Whatever you decide to do in your backyard, just make sure that when the project is complete, you’re able to enjoy the fruits of your labor and admire how sweet your home truly is.

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