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Decorative Lighting

If you are looking for a dramatic change in decor without spending too much money, then changing the type of lighting you have will certainly do the job. Most lighting changes entail an easy remodel change and can be done very quickly.

Choosing the right light levels, bulb types, intensities of illumination, and fixtures to match the style of your room are most important. Lighting can determine mood and atmosphere in the bedroom, bathroom, or even the kitchen. The three main functions of good lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting, can be found in as many types, styles, colors, and choices as your imagination can ponder.

For instance:

  • Wall sconces provide soothing, indirect light and dramatic effect. They can be used as a focal point or provide light in the upper reaches of a room. Dimmer switches are an added enhancement, if you so choose to have them.
  • Pendant lighting can provide general and task lighting for reading, cooking, or game playing.
  • Monorail track lighting lends to great versatility for accent lighting on any area of visual interest. The type of track lighting is custom designed and the styles are truly endless to highlight artwork, hang over a bar, or accent your kitchen counters.

The possibilities of types, styles, colors, and functions of lighting extend as far as your imagination can take you, so if a change is on your mind, make it an illuminating one! Read the articles below to help you.

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