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Electricity is power. It is the fuel, the lifeblood of your home. Hidden inside your walls right now isĀ  a series of veins and capillaries carrying electricity to your light bulbs, appliances, computers and even the alarm clock that reminds you to get up for work in the morning.

You may be surprised at the sheer numbers if you were to go back and highlight all the electrical decisions you’ve made for your home, as well as those to come. If you’re building new or remodeling, then you’re in for a cavalcade of choices, from types of outlets, wiring and lighting to the switches, fixtures and locations of all of the above.

The Electrical section of our CalFinder Remodeling Library will expound on all the many ways that electricity affects our daily lives. It will also serve as a guide as you secure your electrical future. Here you will find instructions on all facets of home electrical applications. One trip down the electrical aisle at your local hardware store will exemplify the complexity of choices available to you in that field. Allow us to illustrate…

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