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Concrete Finishes

What is increasingly becoming a hot design trend in restaurants and stores is now popular in residential settings, too. Staining, dying, and polishing concrete floors gives you total artistic freedom and a rich, long-lasting beautiful surface. Another popular technique is to mimic brick or stone with stamped patterns. The various methods of today’s concrete finishes result in decorative, cost-effective surfaces.

Artistic Concrete finishes:

  • Acid-Based Etched Stains
  • Water-Based Penetrating Stains
  • Water- and Solvent-Based Dyes
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Stamped patterns

With stamped patterns for a patio or walkway, you have the option of mixing color into the concrete for a more natural look.

For patios and indoor floors, try adding personal designs, such as stenciling and borders, or use multiple colors to achieve a polished marble, faux tile, mosaic or rough stone appearance. Decorative concrete is ideal for rooms where the hard, cool concrete isn’t an issue, like the basement. Most importantly, if you develop a moisture problem or your basement gets flooded, your decorative concrete can endure the water exposure and the cleanup is easy and painless.

The initial outlay may exceed the cost of a mid-priced floor covering, such as carpeting, vinyl, or wood laminate. However, the life expectancy of a concrete floor will far outlast that of most floor coverings. There is a lot of prep work and clean-up work involved, depending on which method you use.

You need to know what type of concrete you have, as stains react differently to each type and in some cases, stains will not be suitable. You’ll need to apply a few coats of sealer, so make sure to choose the right sealer for the job at hand. There are hundreds of sealers but no single sealer is perfect for all projects. Using the wrong sealer or applying it improperly can ruin your floor. If the look you want to achieve is artistic, marble, stone, mosaic or faux tile, then hire a professional contractor to ensure your desired look or you could end up with a mess on your hands. View our list of professional licensed contractors here.

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