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Granite Floor Pictures

When rethinking your flooring, don’t just look to vinyl or hardwood. Consider other materials such as granite. One of the most popular emerging alternatives, granite’s elegance and durability is rightly one of the best options to choose from. But what is granite, exactly?

Mined from quarries the world over, granite is a metamorphic rock that reacts with oxygen to form quartz. This incredibly hard surface can resist heat and strain, scuffing, breaking, and scrapes. In fact, only a diamond wet saw can cut into it. Now that’s tough. But not tough-looking. The sleek surface is smooth to the touch.

Granite floors can come in endless choices of color combinations, grains, and patterns. Once the aesthetic picks have been made, the installation requires a professional. CalFinder-certified tile and flooring contractors across the country can help you complete the job. In fact, take a moment to grab your free flooring quotes. And take a minute with a cup of coffee to relax and look through the photos below. You’ll be surprised at the many options available with strong, sleek granite flooring.

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