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Log Siding

Houses deserve to be dressed up. And like the options available for your own wardrobe, there are virtually limitless choices for displaying your personality, flavor, taste and lifestyle with the kind of siding you choose for your home. Browsing the picture galleries on this site certainly gives you that impression. While vinyl siding makes an attractive choice for a home, there are more options. There is one that is tried and true, all-natural, safe, energy-efficient and strikingly beautiful. And that option is log siding.

Although its popularity has dipped since the settler’s days, log siding is no less attractive or viable. Notice that not a single house in these photos use the same style of log siding. There are as many options for colors and styles as there are great woods that can be used for materials. In addition to the typical round log siding, there is half-cut log siding, cedar paneling and a variety of modifications that involve finish, cornering, trimming and fills.

In considering log siding for your home renovation, keep in mind the limitless variety you have available. Remember also that log siding is a green alternative to the chemically composed products of most home siding, and that it lends a natural pioneering look to your home space.

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