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Wine cellars are as customizable as you can think to make them, and there are a myriad of contractors out there with the skills to achieve a very special effect. Cellars are a classic choice for wine storage, but for those of you without cellar space, why not try a closet or spare room for a more modern appeal? With refrigeration and humidity control technology, cellars can be mimicked by using a wine cooling system. And if you haven’t got a tremendous penchant for wine, decorative shelving - as large or small as you need it - might be just the right touch.

Take a look at our extensive photo gallery to rev those creative design instincts. These are pictures of beautiful wine cellars built by other homeowners with a flair for classic home decor. Wine cellars are among the most sophisticated remodel projects, but the best of them blend Old World charm with the rest of the home’s style so as not to create a clash in design. Studying these photos will help achieve that level of subtly for your remodel as well. They’ve been handpicked for their creativity, elegance and functional layout - all design-build skill sets that our CalFinder contractors are famous for.

Once you do get to picking out the racks, enjoy yourself. There are as many options as any one person could need, from counter shelving for on-hand bottles to full cellars arrayed in mahogany with ornate racks to display your most prized vintage. If you’re not into remodeling an entire room, why not head over to the kitchen remodeling pictures and check out cool, custom enclosures for a self-contained wine cellar? And you’ll need stemmed glass storage to round out your new addition. Certified contractors can handle that as well.

The options are endless. Here are just a few:

  • Place wine racks like bookshelves in an ante room with seating around a small table. Add an Old World touch of crumbled mortared walls and you’re halfway to Italy.
  • Pair wine and hanging stem storage for easy serving and an impressive but tasteful display.
  • Build a cottage-shaped outbuilding that is half cellar and half buried with brick walls. Install a footpath, beautiful wine racks and stained glass, and it’s the perfect addition to any grounds.
  • Shaped wine racks, like spirals, for example, create an artsy touch when hung and can be organized by vintage or type. Matching the foil colors is a sly way to add a splash of color to deep wood tones.

These pictures are just a few ideas to get your brainstorm going. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, come on back and our contractors will be happy to design and build it for you. CalFinder puts your dreams on the map.

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