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Deck Railing Pictures

There may be some parts of home remodeling that don’t seem like the most fascinating things to decorate. Take deck railing, for instance. Who would have thought that something as characterless and utilitarian as a railing actually holds tremendous decorative appeal? Check out our gallery and find out why deck railings present an amazing possibility for going all-out with design choices.

Variety starts at the ground level. The bottom rail—if you choose to have one exposed—sets the tone for the entire deck. This can be a large beam of hardwood, an unobtrusive slender piece, or an iron rail. The top rail usually complements the bottom rail, but presents its own set of options and customizations. Will you use a broad 2 x 6 to comfortably accommodate leaning elbows, or will you opt for protruding posts? There’s even the option of a continuous top rail.

Deck railing is more than just top and bottom posts. Get creative with the balusters, too. For a modern look, try stainless steel cable railing or glass balusters. Ornamental metal, especially wrought iron, allows you to choose unique designs and patterns for each baluster. Cap off the deck railing with creative touches like illuminated post toppers, decorative post caps or finials.

Extra enhancements on the deck may include flag posts, embedded flower boxes or planters. For that extra flair, you may want to consider installing in-deck lighting. Rope lighting can often be affixed to a groove carved out of the underside of the top railing. You can also install series lighting on each main post, actually embedding it into the wood itself, or allowing it to protrude slightly.

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