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Houston Home Remodeling and Design Trends

Houston is a straight-up awesome place to live. Even though we’re the fourth-biggest city in the U.S., we suffer from very few of the problems that other American cities are plagued with. We’ve got lots of room to move around and low population density. There’s urban sprawl that allows you to live away from the metro center but still be near the city. There’s also the way we sidestepped the 2008 real estate crisis, and got tagged as the nation’s healthiest housing market. That’s Houston for you.

Houston living is about living free. It’s about living big. We have spectacular, fast-growing urban neighborhoods and trendy, upscale green living spaces. When a hurricane hits, we rebuild. When our families grow, we build more. When we get a raise, we build more comfortably. Houston is about doing what we want to do and living like we’ve always dreamed.

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