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Welcome to the Queen City. It’s the jewel of North Carolina. It’s the treasure of the Appalachian Mountains, it’s home to nearly two million people, and it’s undisputedly one of the finest places to live on the planet. Bar none. From one Charlottean to another, I’m telling you that this place is the absolute best. It’s not just a personal bias, either. Lifestyle, CNN, Forbes, Self, and a host of other big names have labeled Charlotte as the “Best Place to Live in America.”

Whether you’re retiring or buying your very first house, you’ll find a feature about Charlotte that you love and that loves you back. Like sports? The city is home to more than ten pro or semi-pro teams. Church? Charlotte has been called “The City of Churches.” Culture? From Bechtler to Rosedale, you’ll get a huge dose of cultural attractions here. Charlotte is an amazing city—the kind that makes you never, ever want to leave.

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