Your ‘Window of Time’ is Closing on Stress-Free Window Replacement

From on September 16, 2011 in Window Replacement


If you’ve got windows in your home, I have news for you: now may be your last chance to book a headache-free upgrade.

As fall and winter creep upon us, it becomes increasingly difficult to arrange a stress-free window installation.

Why? Unpredictable weather and cold temperatures make for an unpleasant construction experience—both for your family and your contractor.

In fact, most experts recommend booking replacements in the warmer months, seeing as icy conditions can spell disaster for anyone working outdoors.

So, if your windows are outdated, what are your options? Start by comparing pricing. Today.

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While window installation may seem daunting, it can be a simple and important process—that is, before the extreme temperatures of winter hit.

Why should you replace your windows?

Because windows are the barrier between the outside world and your home, it’s important to keep them in top shape.

Not only do they determine the quality of natural light your home gets, they directly affect how much energy you’re saving or wasting.

residential-window-installationNot to mention that windows are an immediate focal point from the curb, making or breaking your home to potential buyers.

There are many options, from the glass to the framing to the type of window that you can choose from. Perhaps you want to do more than simply replace a part of your windows—maybe you want to create a new look for your home. Window upgrades are the best way to do that.

As you consider window replacement, keep in mind that you can save money not only on greater efficiency, but on rebates and government incentives. The EPA developed a program with specific criteria for meeting the Energy Star label.

For instance, windows must be 15% to 40% more energy-efficient than choices used in traditional construction. Additionally, criteria specific to your climate must be met. You can talk to a contractor to help you understand the process, and to make sure that what you are choosing will meet the label standards.

That criteria is determined by how much heat and light the window allows through, and by how much insulation it provides. The Energy Star label makes it easy for you to save energy—and money!—in the long run. And the savings start immediately.

The federal window tax credit program expires at the end of 2011. (Rebate and incentive programs are usually created to last a single year. Some are simply so popular that they run out of funds before they expire!) The credit, which applies to materials only, can save you up to $500 on insulation and up to $200 on other materials.

To receive the benefits, we suggest starting on the window replacement process now.

A window contractor is a superior source of information about incentive programs, as well as the functionality of replacement windows. Local contractors will know about deals and incentives in your area, and can tell you how much you’ll save in the process. It’s in their best interest to save you money.

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