Why Window Replacement is Cheaper Than You Think

From on December 21, 2011 in Window Replacement


If your home’s heating isn’t running as efficiently as you’d like it to this winter, then you might consider window replacement. Inefficient windows can leak a huge percentage of heat from your home—as much as 30%—and cost you a lot of money every month.

Not to mention that new windows revolutionize your home from its interior as well as exterior—making them a big contender on your block when it comes time to sell.

Get Pricing on New Windows

But the idea of window replacement may seem daunting, complicated and expensive. The good news is that you can avoid all of those words by going through the window replacement process intelligently.

We want to help.

First, you can get free pricing on windows by clicking here.

The second thing you can do if you’re considering replacing your windows is to map out what you need to change or improve, and the most you’re willing to pay. If you go into this project with a set dollar amount (allowing for a narrow margin of flexibility), then you’re likely to cut window costs as you go through the process.

Next, talk to a window contractor. You can find a contractor in your area who will give you a free estimate on your project. If you’re overwhelmed, they can even show you how to break down your window replacement project by installing a few windows at a time. (Though, remember that doing it all at once can save you time and money in the long run).

Take a look at CalFinder’s contractor database of highly qualified professionals in your area.

Focus on Window Replacement Savings

And here is where you can focus on savings with your window replacement. While putting in all new bay windows may seem like a good idea at first, such custom-shaped windows can be expensive. You can keep it standard to get a great overall window replacement for a great price.

Consider going with generic-sized types of windows, such as double hung or casement windows, throughout most of the house, keeping those special window installations to a minimum.

Also consider that you are likely to talk window costs down and get better deals on materials when you’re bidding in an off-season, such as winter months. Taking a look now at window materials as we head into winter can—pardon the pun—be a perfect window of opportunity for low prices.

Grab a cup of coffee. Look through our database of contractors, and our photo gallery of window ideas and information, to help get you started with your affordable window replacement.