What Makes for a Certified Window Installer?

From on October 08, 2009 in Window Replacement

Window InstallersGiven the drive for energy efficiency, the generous tax credits now in place, and our ever-growing eco conscience, there is little doubt that plenty of under-qualified, overconfident window installers are tramping from door to door offering their services with a wink and a smile.

Verifying prospective window installers is vital to ensuring that you get quality windows and professional craftsmanship. Of course, valid references and a well-thought out interview process are tried and true ways to recognize a qualified installer, but there are also certifications an installer can have that will help solidify his or her standing and ease your mind at the same time.

AWDI Certification

The American Window and Door Institute (AWDI) is recognized by the US Government to represent quality window installers. AWDI offers window installation guidelines and certification credentials to installers that pass their Installation Certification Training. The training covers all aspects of installation, from preparing the window opening to installing and sealing the window.

According to AWDI, over 90 percent of window problems are caused by poor or incomplete installation. And properly installed windows consistently outperform their stated warranties. To add to AWDI’s credibility further, in 2007, Consumer Reports recommended AWDI as a source for certified installers. You can ask prospective window contractors for their credentials when you meet them.

Installation Masters

Installation Masters is another training and certification program for window installers. The program was initiated by the Building Environment and Thermal Envelope Council (BETEC) through the Department of Energy. It is a nationwide program for new construction and replacement installers of windows and exterior glass doors in the residential market.

Certification involves a two-day program culminating in a test of participants’ installation skills. Successful installers are issued a Installation Masters Identification Card to prove their certification.

CalFinder Certified Contractors

Of course, we cannot forget CalFinder certified window installers! CalFinder does the vetting for you, and for free. CalFinder interviews and approves local window installation contractors across the nation. And then goes one step further by connecting you directly to these certified local installers for free no-obligation estimates on your new window project.