Upgrade To Energy Efficient Windows For Utility Bill Savings

From on January 15, 2014 in Window Replacement

​If you have older windows in the home, then you may be facing high energy bills. Whether you’re running the air conditioner or the furnace, you’re forcing the appliance to work overtime to make up for a drafty home. It’s important to make your home more energy efficient by upgrading to Energy Star rated windows that have tighter seals and efficient double- or triple-panes. What you may not realize is that making this upgrade will help you save money throughout the year in several ways.

Block Drafts

You can seal drafts around the window trim with a little caulk, but there’s not much you can do for window panes that no longer fit tightly and let a draft in. The upsetting thing about drafty windows is that they work both ways. Not only does cold air seep in from outside in the winter, but you also lose heat through those drafty, uninsulated window panes. Newer windows feature tight seals and better insulation, so drafts are eliminated. You won’t have to run the furnace twice as long to make up for the draft’s damaging effects. In addition to replacing the windows, you can also have your window installers check the insulation levels around the window cavity and add a little more insulation if necessary.

Stop Heat Transfer

Even windows that are double-pane may not stop heat transfer as well as modern options. The windows of the 21st Century are coated with special compounds that block heat transfer. This means that you’ll have less heat migrate inside during the summer, and you won’t lose as much of your interior heat to the outside in the winter. It takes some of the burden off your HVAC system because it won’t have to work twice as hard to make up for the heat transfer anymore. Even windows that are only 15 years old don’t have this coating, so you can improve the energy efficiency of your home by making the investment in new windows.

Associated Expenses Drop

The result is lower heating and cooling bills as your system no longer works overtime. Your home will maintain a comfortable temperature longer, and that takes the burden off your heating and cooling appliances. This in turn leads to some unexpected savings. As the air conditioner and heater run at a lower level and less frequently, the wear and tear is reduced. You won’t have to call for appliance service as frequently, and your appliance will actually last longer with less stress on the system.

Better Ventilation

Another consideration of new windows is that they simply work better. They don’t stick when you try to open them, and they’ll stay open when you want to let a breeze in. Windows that don’t open and close properly force you to run the air conditioner even in nice weather, and that’s a huge waste of energy. Put a stop to this by choosing new windows that open smoothly and allow you to take advantage of the breeze.

Whether you’re living with single-pane nightmares or your windows are only about 20 years old, you can benefit from installing new, energy-efficient fixtures. These windows are better at blocking drafts and stopping heat transfer. They work properly, so you can open them when the weather is nice and lock them tightly against winter storms. They’ll reward you with lower energy bills, and you’ll also be rewarded with less wear and tear on your expensive HVAC equipment.