The Basics of Window Replacement

From on October 07, 2013 in Window Replacement

Replacing windows in a home is not something most people think about often. With the ever changing technology, you may be a lot of loss where to turn next. If you’re planning on investing in replacement windows, there are some things to keep in mind before swiping your plastic and loading the new hardware into your vehicle or hiring a window replacement contractor to complete the work.

Value of Obtaining Competitive Quotes

Setting out to get quotes for your upcoming window replacement can be a daunting task. Some people may be weary that these companies are only looking to provide the highest price possible. It is best practice to obtain at least 5 quotes and to educate themselves on each company or contractor. Obtaining at least 5 quotes will ensure you are receiving the best deal possible and best return for your investment. There are a multitude of companies that strive to give you the best possible price and work possible, so don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch.

Window Replacement is Not a DIY Project

No matter what you read on the internet or how much money you think you’ll save, window replacement is often better left to professionals to do. Because the job requires special tools and skills to quickly and correctly get the job done, it’s best that you leave it to the professionals and back away for this one. However, it doesn’t hurt to watch the pros do it if you want to try your hand at it in the future. Patching up the problem with a few minor repairs is generally all that’s needed in these cases, and you can go on your way without leaving a huge dent in your pocketbook.

Replacement Windows Only Cover Certain Parts of the Window

If you’ve envisioned purchasing replacement windows for your home, there’s a chance you might see new framing around your windows as well. It’s important to know that framing does not come with replacement windows. This term is usually indicative of the working parts and the glass that are surrounded by the frame.

When to Replace the Entire Window

Occasionally, it may be optimal to replace the entire window, including the frame. In this case, the type of repair you’re looking for is an entirely new “construction window.” This term is used to describe a new replacement window along with the framing that cradles it. This is really only a sound purchase when the fixture is rotting or the structure is uneven and prone to issues.

Repairs Will Be Expensive - Energy Bills Won’t

Lastly, it may seem like an unnecessary investment to replace the windows in your home, but in actuality, they will help immensely when it comes to your electric bill. Many window replacement companies even offer to complete energy efficiency reports for your windows along with forecasted reports that would reflect your savings if you were to make the necessary window replacement repairs. Although you’re looking at expensive repairs now, just think about the money you’ll save on the electric bills; gradually earning back money spent on the repairs.