Sunny and Elegant Round-Top Replacement Windows

From on October 31, 2011 in Window Replacement


When it’s time to put new windows into your home, you may want more than simple window replacements—you might want to improve the style and lighting of your home as well. Consider one great option: round-top windows.

We would all like to spend as little money as necessary for beautiful home remodels. Round-top windows are a big bang for your buck. For relatively low cost, you can revolutionize the look of your exterior, adding a wow factor to your curb appeal. Round-top windows show extra care and thought in a home’s design, and contribute an immediate elegance to your space.

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Round-top windows are a long-time favorite style for good reason. Not only can this style stand alone, it can also be used to complement any other types of windows, including standard rectangle or square window shapes. Round-top, aka specialty windows, can provide light over an entrance door, or add scope to a standard living room window set, bringing more natural light into your home.

This is saying nothing of the energy you can save on electricity with window replacement. One homeowner with plentiful windows, including round-top windows, reported that she and her family take advantage of the California sun and turn on their lights only about one hour every evening after the sun has gone completely down.


With round-top windows, you can generally choose between full rounds, half rounds, inverted corners, ovals, quarter rounds, elliptical, eyebrows, and many more custom options. The purpose of a round-top is not to allow easy accessibility to outdoor air, but to allow a beautiful shape on your exterior that sheds the right amount of light into your interior.

Because of this, their placement can be endless. Over a picture window. Over a bathroom bay window. Over the windows in your breakfast nook. The possibilities are really endless.

As with any custom window, pricing on round-top windows depends on the features you decide to go with, as well as the window dimensions. Exact pricing can be tricky with so many variations, and can best be determined by your contractor, the window manufacturer, and yourself.

Find and contact a window contractor in your area for a free estimate—you can click here to get one in your area. Professionals are always recommended to install round-top windows, which can be trickier to install than traditional window designs.

Also keep in mind how valuable a contractor can be for getting the most out of federal tax rebates and energy efficiency incentives that might be available to you because of your new window installation. Many rebates available now run out at the end of the year—so check now before bad weather hits and incentives run out.

Take a look today at pictures of round-top windows, and how they could fit into your home to make it more sunny and elegant.