Sun Tunnel™ Skylights for Hallways and Closets

From on June 24, 2008 in Window Replacement

sun tunnelAdequate lighting throughout a house is very important and in this age of energy conservation, the more forms of natural lighting utilized, the better. One way to brighten up dark hallways and closets is with the use of Sun Tunnel skylights.

The Sun Tunnel skylight has earned special recognition as the number one choice in tubular skylights for two consecutive years. Its flexible tube condenses light and then directs it down a channel to the room below where it is evenly dispersed. The design is popular because it looks relatively small on the roof, is too small for intruders to enter, and has the Energy Star approval. The design is very versatile because its flexible tube can channel light through any attic and the skylight can fit on most roof pitches.

Manufactured by the VELUX® Company, the Sun Tunnel™ comes in 10 inch, 14 inch, and 22 inch diameters. A 10-inch skylight will be more than sufficient for a closet, and you shouldn’t need anything larger than 14 inches for a hallway. The 22-inch models work well for lighting larger rooms.

Sun Tunnel skylights are chosen often for hall and closet lighting because of their compact and efficient design. Product cost begins at about $250, and installation is in addition to that. Proper installation of your skylight is important to ensure the correct location, a leak-proof seal, and optimum effectiveness. A bit labor intensive, you may want to leave the installation up to an experienced professional. If you feel that installing a sun tunnel is the best solution to illuminate your dark spaces, then request free estimates from licensed window contractors in your area today.