Self-Cleaning Glass Windows, Windows that Wash Themselves

From on July 08, 2007 in Window Replacement

You really want those skylights, those panoramic windows just made for that view. It’s the thought of keeping all that glass clean that’s holding you back. Good news: getting the windows you really want, where you want them, doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of drudgery keeping them clean.

Made by two companies, Pilkington and Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG), self-cleaning glass is offered as an option by many window manufacturers. A nano-thin layer on the pane’s exterior surface uses sunlight to break down dirt and grime so they don’t stick to the surface. It also causes water to sheet smoothly down the surface rather than spotting or streaking, so either rainwater or a quick squirt from the garden hose is all it takes to make the windows clean and spot-free. Adding relatively little to the cost of a new or replacement window, self-cleaning glass delivers a huge benefit in reduced maintenance. Contact our local window contractors to learn more.

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