Prevent Break-Ins with Door Security

From on December 01, 2008 in Window Replacement

According to Jack Weber, President of Wheaton Home Improvement, 70% of all burglaries involve a criminal coming through a door because it is the fastest and cleanest way to break into a home. “Doors are put into wood jambs,” Jack explains. “If you have a deadbolt, it goes into a wood jamb. You may have the strongest deadbolt in the world, but the wood it is ensconced in breaks. A criminal can be into most doors in the time it takes you to snap a finger.” Wheaton Glass and DoorHere’s where a Wheaton door comes in. Instead of having wood jambs, Wheaton doors are made of 20-gauge steel. They are exceedingly strong and far more difficult to break into because it’s virtually impossible to force a deadbolt through the steel. Jack emphasizes that proper installation is just as important as the doors’ hidden security features. Fortunately, Wheaton doors are available throughout the country, as are certified Wheaton installers. The doors have made a big difference for Wheaton customers. Jack explains:

“About a year and a half ago, a customer who had been burglarized had their back door replaced with a Wheaton door. Well, the bad guys came back and couldn’t get through. So they went around to the front door and got in that way. Sure enough, we got another call from this customer, who said, ‘please come and replace the front door.’ After this, they finally felt that their doors were safe. They were pretty sure kids in neighborhood had done the breaking in. Particularly with targets of opportunity, someone’s trying to get in and out very quickly. If the doors are secure and they can’t get in and out fast, they’ll leave instead.”