Pretty Windows for Pretty Homes

From on February 23, 2011 in Window Replacement

pretty kitchen windows

If it’s time to replace the windows in your home, then exhale in relief: you have an array of beautiful style choices. Plus, with this renovation, you have the perfect opportunity to increase your home’s energy efficiency and create a new aesthetic in the process. Take a look at these window options and their benefits. We’ll focus today on double-hung, picture and bay windows, though as you probably know, there are quite a few more out there.

Double Hung Windows

double hung windows With two halves that move up and down on the frame, a double hung window allows for varied ventilation. Positioned over each other, the two distinct parts of the window operate separately. This is a wonderful option in climates that benefit from capturing the natural temperate air to infuse a home with freshness. Not to mention that the cost of replacing with double hung windows is very affordable. Check out our contractor database to find out more.

Picture (Fixed) Windows

kitchen picture windowspicture windows Where ventilation isn’t a big desire (in extreme climates and areas with poor air quality), picture windows can be a great choice. While keeping in mind that such a large expanse of glass is of course more susceptible to breakage, a well-preserved picture window adds beautiful lighting, a great view, and can be a more eco-friendly choice by adding natural light and retaining your home’s comfortable temperature.

Bay Windows

bay windowspretty bay windows For those that want to merge a bit of the outdoors into their homes, bay windows can be a great answer. Even in extreme temperatures, bay windows allow for light and panoramic views of the great outdoors at beautiful angles. Many bay windows offer opening sides for nice air circulation throughout a room. Not only can the amount of light a room received be completely revolutionized, bay windows add individuality to the exterior of the home.

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