Let’s Shut the Media Down, Says Remodeling Pro Randy Angeloci

From on November 13, 2008 in Window Replacement

Randy Angeloci, President and CEO of Home Pro Inc., wishes the press and media world would just shut down for 60 days. “The public has been inundated by news of an economic crisis since the elections started,” he says, “and people get scared just turning on the TV.” While the unemployment rate is going up to 10%, he says, this leaves 90% of the population still employed. “It’s a matter of seeing the glass half empty or half full,” Randy says. “According to the media, the glass is half empty. But for people struggling to survive and continuing to make ends meet, the glass is half full.” Randy believes that if people just turned off their TVs for awhile, they would see that everything’s okay. “People would realize they still go to the movies; they still go to work; they still put gas in their cars.” Obviously, one of the most difficult things in the industry right now is getting credit. Homeowners believe they can’t get the financing to go forward with their projects, and they feel intimidated just applying. While it’s difficult to get the best loans available, Randy tells homeowners this:Prices will never be better than they are right now. Everyone, myself included, has taken a sharp pencil to all their projects and products. All the remodelers I know are charging their lowest prices ever and you can’t beat them. Interest rates are still affordable and you can get packages where you pay no interest for a year-and-a-half. The investment now will be to your advantage when the tide turns and everything will change again. Remodelers will be making up for this time with higher prices.” Randy understands that homeowners are hesitant to give money up front before a project starts. That’s why Home Pro requires no down payments or up-front payments until after the company has completed your request!