Keeping Your Kids Safe: Child-Proof Windows

From on May 12, 2008 in Window Replacement

Keeping kids safe is always a parent’s top concern, and a big area to look out for is windows, especially 2nd floor windows. Yet, there are easy ways to prevent your child shattering the glass or worse, falling out of a window. This is in fact the number one reason for child fall injuries resulting in hospitalization. If you are building a new house or remodeling and adding new windows, steer clear of floor-to-ceiling windows in the child’s room. Such windows are 18” or less from the finished floor. It is usually code nowadays that such windows must be tempered, which are not unbreakable but are certainly shatterproof. For those with a preexisting child’s room or other areas in the home where floor-to-ceiling or other reachable windows exist, you can proof these windows with a brass chain and hook (out of the child’s reach), which will still allow the window to open but only a few inches so that a breeze can still flow freely. In addition to that you can use window guards to keep kids safe when you’re not in the room. Window guards are the window equivalent of a baby gate. They are gridded at intervals of three or four inches and fit very snugly between the window jambs. Guards are regulated by the government and must meet certain standards. They must be strong enough to prevent a small child from pulling them free but still removable in case of an emergency. Another good tip for windows in kids room is to avoid long drapes or curtains that can be pulled down by little yanking hands. Cords from blinds are very susceptible to pulling and can easily harm a child. Blinds now come with breakaway cords the will break free if pulled too hard. Talk to a certified window contractor to customize your new or existing windows for maximum safety.