Is it Cheaper to Replace a Few Windows at a Time?

From on November 16, 2011 in Window Replacement


If you’re considering replacing your windows, you know that you have many factors to consider. What type of windows. Which brand. How to get a window contractor. And you may be wondering if replacing a few at a time is cheaper than full window replacement.

Well, we have some answers for you.

Price-Check Any Number of Window Replacements

First off, winter is upon us. If you need to replace any windows, it’s better to replace the ones that are damaged, inefficient and costing you extra heating money. If going through the process of replacing every window in your home is too expensive, at least get to the ones that are causing a problem by working incorrectly. Why? An outdated window can cost you a huge percentage of your energy bill (as much as 30%), and falls under the urgent category in home repair. We recommend price-checking your window replacements immediately to conserve both energy and funds this coming winter.

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Urgent need aside, you may be interested to know that it’s possible to do a few windows at a time (as opposed to doing exterior siding bit by bit, which just doesn’t quite work). You can get windows in any increments you want, and can hire a professional to do simply one window, if that’s all you need.


Larger Jobs are More Time- and Cost-Effective

That said, contractors prefer one-time larger jobs, mostly because this is the most efficient way of going about a remodeling project. With such a technical job, you will need a contractor, and doing windows a little bit at a time requires rehiring a contractor and going through the multi-step process every single time. This can cost extra money when the agreement isn’t lumped together into one efficient sum. Not to mention that going through the entire process from start to finish every time can become a huge hassle for you. More disruptions to your home, as well as to the structural exterior of your house, if your siding is aluminum or vinyl.

Perhaps you’re looking for a middle ground, something between doing all of your windows at once, versus single units at a time. Consider replacing the upstairs windows in one fell swoop, and getting to the downstairs windows in another wave of the project. This allows for the project costs to be virtually cut in half, without the hassle of starting over again and again.

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