How-to Window Replacement Video Library

From on September 24, 2009 in Window Replacement

For do-it-yourselfers, home projects have been getting a lot less lonesome. DIY used to be for the not-so-handy homeowners who struggled through projects way out of their league (and often with a few extra parts left over in the end). But now, there are demonstrations, classes at hardware stores, thousands of of articles on the Internet and - gaining in popularity fast - YouTube


One of the most common home renovation projects, especially now that Obama offers tax breaks, is window replacement. While it’s surely not rocket science, it’s a doable project for homeowners armed with the proper knowledge. Watching YouTube experts is almost like having your own window replacement coach right there in your home.

Here are a compilation of videos you should check out if you’re tackling window replacement on your own. Oh, and by the way, if you go to YouTube and ask for videos on “Installing windows in your home,” look out, because Bill Gates has cornered that search topic!

Here’s the good stuff:

General Window Replacement:

Andersen Window Replacement

- Experts at Andersen Windows & Doors take a step-by-step approach to window replacement from measuring the old to sealing in the new. This video is geared toward their Woodwright series, but would be helpful for any model.

Andersen Library

- For a look at the rest of Anderson’s window and door replacement videos, check out their complete video library, which contains 26 instructional videos.


- Tim Carter is one of my favorite online builder sources and he’s got tons of YouTube videos, including these eight on windows. Some of the topics are: removing old windows, installing new windows, installing insulation around the windows, window maintenance, shutters and more.

Belch at Home

- OK, I couldn’t resist the title. Here’s a complete library by David Belch on home replacement windows.

DIY Window Installation - Another DIY Network window installation video, this time with more experienced workers.

Engineered Installation

- Another video from this same engineer, David Belch, on installing home windows.

Home Depot

- Video put out by Home Depot to show you how to make quick work out of window replacement.


- The Milgard company shows you how to replace your old windows with newer models. This video is part one of two, so be sure to catch both halves.

Milgard (Part II)

- …and now for the big finish!

Novice Window Replacement

- The DIY Network shows how inexperienced homeowners can replace their windows.

The Solution

- Here’s the solution, a video on retro-fit window installation.

Window Installation

- An engineer shows the proper way to install and mount new windows in your home.

Window Installation

- Here’s a team with a window installation video that promises they have “the solution.”

Window Selection

- Here’s a video aimed at helping you choose the proper replacement windows for your home. It’s led by Lou Manfredini, a contractor and regular contributor to the Today Show and USA Weekend.

Measuring Your Windows

Measuring Windows

- This video is a more detailed look at how to properly measure your current windows to ensure you order the right sizes for your replacements. Installing new windows is darn near impossible if you don’t get the measuring right!

Window Brands

Product Review - Here’s a look at the top 5 window manufacturers with a review of their products.

Seattle Window Replacement - A Washington-based window replacement company answers questions about how different window brands and models vary in installation techniques.

Window Types (Double Hung, Casement, Bay & Bow, Transom, etc.)

Bob Vila

- The guru of TV construction shows how to replace a casement window.

Building Geek

- The Building Geek takes on window installation in an exterior insulated R40 wall.

DIY Transom - The DIY Network shows you how to install a transom window.

Double Hung

- A Gorrell video aimed at showing you how to install double hung windows.


- This video gives a detailed look at installing bay and bow windows. The caption says it’s for “trained home improvement professionals,” but I’m sure anyone can learn valuable information from it.

Gorrell (Part II)

- …and here’s the rest of it.

Metal Flashing

- If your window installation job requires you to bend metal flashing, here’s a video you need to see.

Wood & Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows - Quick video on how to replace old wooden windows with new vinyl windows.

Vinyl Window Installation

- Video guide on installing double hung vinyl windows.

Caulk & Seal

Home Depot on Caulking - Sealing your windows properly is just as important as installing them right. If you don’t seal, it won’t matter how great your windows are - they won’t be efficient. Home Depot shows you how.

Pan System Window Install - Here’s a video that shows you how to use the pan system to install windows, which is supposed to eliminate all worries about water leaking in.

Window Trim

- For that finishing touch, here’s a video about installing trim around the interior of your new windows.

Other Window Replacement Topics

Gorrell Library

- Gorrell has 22 videos on YouTube that contain a great deal of different window replacement topics, like measuring, tax credits, vinyl window replacement, installing screens and more.

This Old House

- This Old House compiled their own little library of eight videos by Andersen on replacing windows in your house. The topics include: how to replace windows in a historic home, discussions on various types of window glass and demonstrations to show you how hurricane-resistant glass holds up.

Window Bundle

- Here’s a bundle of 15 videos that cover various window replacement topics, such as: how to properly remove your old windows, installing new windows into various wall types, fixing windows, proper ways to use flashing, etc. The videos are from various sources, including AskTheBuilder, BuildingGeek and ExpertVillage.