How to Save $5,000 On Your Window Replacement (Even If You're a Remodeling Novice)

From on February 01, 2012 in Window Replacement


Feeling that winter draft seep through the slits in your windows? Sick of looking at that outdated bay window? Wanting to open up your living room to a sunnier view? You’re the prime candidate to replace your home’s windows this spring—even if you need to save a lot of money in the process.

You can save. Without sacrificing the quality of your window replacement, you can save up to $5,000 on your window project.

This isn’t even considering the savings you’ll see in the long run for a much-needed window replacement. With better windows and more efficient framing around them, you can majorly improve the efficiency of your energy bill. The sooner you start, the sooner you save money on those leaky windows. (In the meantime, you can be losing up to 30% of your energy!).

And if your decision to upgrade is purely cosmetic, then release a sigh of satisfaction as well: new windows give an immediate facelift to your home and can increase your home’s sell-ability and curb appeal.

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Here’s how to save.

1. Know Your Window Types

While you may be swept up in the excitement of finally replacing your windows, remember not to skimp on the planning process. Check out the different types of windows. See how less-expensive casement windows compare with standard double-hung windows. Statistically, you’re bound to save money upfront by planning well, and knowing in advance what you want from your contractor.

2. Search Window Contractors

Once you have a plan in place, find a window contractor who can help you execute your dream. CalFinder offers a huge database of the best contractors around the country—and you can click here to find one in your area. Talk with the contractor about how much energy per month you’d like to save. Be clear about your needs and then trust the professional.

3. Go Energy Star or None at All

The hype you’ve heard about energy-efficient windows doesn’t just come out of thin air. The fact is, these windows can save you hundreds (sometimes thousands) on annual energy bills. Without them, replacement is almost pointless. How to know if your materials are efficient? Choose ENERGY STAR-rated windows. They’re certified by the government to not only help you save on energy in the long-run, but get you money back up front. Many of these green materials can qualify you for federal tax credits. Your contractor can help you understand how to qualify and apply. They are worth it. For instance, in 2010, President Obama signed an incentive that allowed for certain windows, skylights, and exterior doors to earn you $200 for qualifying windows and up to $500 for doors.

4. Stick to the Basics

While you may be dreaming of that amazing skylight over your master bedroom, remember to look to the basics first when remodeling. Prioritize your window replacement and replace bathroom windows and other functional needs with standard and amazing models like awning windows. If you’re dying for something spectacular while also saving tons, consider replacing one special window (like a round-top window) if you have room in your budget after the others have been planned for.

5. DIY When You Can

While window replacement requires a contractor for the most technical of details, you can save money by cutting corners in labor and completing some of the tasks yourself. Acquire the materials yourself. Do the necessary prep work before the pros even come in to outfit your home with new windows. Complete any painting or finishing touches on your own.