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From on October 27, 2008 in Window Replacement

Wood BlindsA few years back, I worked for a major manufacturing company of window treatments. This company specializes, not in the usual drapes and curtains, but in blinds. One of the most beautiful of window treatments of this sort, in my opinion, is wood blinds. They are rich in color and tone and add a certain luxury to any room decor.

I have mini-blinds and vertical blinds in my home now, and I would love to change them to wood instead of vinyl and metal. I went to my former employer’s website,, and checked out colors and prices – not too bad. Yes, wood is more expensive, but I think the change to my home environment is worth the price.

It has been a while since I did any shopping around for window treatments of this type and I wanted to see more of what might be available in design and choices. Here are a few more websites I looked at with information on decorating and choosing wood blinds:

Pondered has a wealth of information on a wide topic range. They do a good deal of the research for these topics, so if you wanted to know a little about something else besides wood blinds, they are a good place to start.

Vertical Blinds Info has a storehouse of information on decorating, and, in particular, window treatments. You could easily spend hours going through their posts for anything that has to do with home decorating. This link was particularly helpful for the subject of wood blinds:
The Benefits of Wood Blinds.

GUIDE WOOD BLINDS ONLINE is especially helpful for the person new to the world of blinds. There is information here on what types of wood blinds to choose from, how to install them, how to clean them, etc. I found it very informative.

Shutter Classic was one of my favorite sites. Not only was it filled with information on both vertical and horizontal wood blinds, but being a manufacturer, they walked you through each step of choosing, measuring, ordering, and installing your blinds. This is a great site to check out when you are ready to make a purchase or just get the feel of where you want to go with the possibilities. has a blog by owner/operator Roger Miller, for an insider’s view on the business of selling custom made wood blinds and window treatments. This particular article is call “A View Through the Slats” and addressed how the wood blind industry has been impacted by oil prices and the economy. It is very informative, indeed, and good reading. You can go directly to the article at

Well, that completed my search, and now I feel more equipped to tackle the possibility of transforming those metal mini-blinds and vinyl verticals into a richer decor for my home. How about you? When you are ready, be sure to consult a professional installer for a little help.