Brighten Up Your Workspace: Install Garage Windows

From on December 30, 2008 in Window Replacement

Garage windows

In many homes, using the garage as a parking space is actually a secondary function. Number one would be a workspace, a place to accomplish the many home and auto repairs that often pile up on a daily basis. Considering all the time – especially on weekends – that is spent in the garage, it is a wonder how much of it lapses between four uniform walls and under harsh incandescent or fluorescent lighting.

Especially when there is a relatively painless solution: install windows. Let in some natural light. It comes standard in any home, so why keep a prison for a garage workspace? Adding just a few windows (the more the merrier but it doesn’t take much) will do several things:

  • Make the room feel larger and the work more enjoyable.
  • Brighten things up a bit.
  • Add some passive solar heating (does your garage have a south side?).
  • Extend the home as a whole.
  • Save electricity and money.

Long, high windows are a great choice for garages because they don’t claim valuable wall space needed for tool storage and shelving. Although at least a few lower, operable windows are well-advised.

What remodeling blog about daylighting and green design would be complete without a takin’-it-to-the-max example? Well here it is. Enjoy!

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