8 Weird Uses for Windows

From on December 16, 2009 in Window Replacement

If necessity is the mother of invention, these mutant windows are the illegitimate offspring of some very overactive imaginations. Most folks look at a window and see a window. Other, more visionary types see a window as a door through which opportunity can dash in and rescue the helpless window from its mundane existence of incessant opening and closing and constantly being looked through like it wasn’t even there. When these intrepid dreamers hear, “Better door than a window,” they ask, “How about both?”

#1 - Window “Balcony-On Demand”

weird window balconyweird window balcony

The clear thinkers at Bloomframe came up with this window that converts into a glass-bottomed balcony. It’s meant for the space-impaired urban dweller trying to maximize every inch of their co-op studio/supply closet. The designers claim that the size of the Bloomframe can be adjusted and the materials customized to match the facade of new or existing buildings. However, this product is also not recommended for anyone with vertigo or a tendency to go commando at will.

#2 – PC or Mac? Mac or PC?

weird window computer screen

Originally invented as a torture device for Mac users at Guantanamo Bay, this window surrounded by Windows offers a unique “Vista” into the life of the average PC lover. The owner tried to close the blinds for this picture, but they froze up and he had to reboot – Oh! Burn!

#3 - Support Our Geraniums

weird window flowerbox

Uh, what the heck is this thing? Green 1970s den windows-turned-bizarre patriotic flowerbox? A pint-sized Uncle Sam must be trolling around nearby…

#4 – Window Collage

weird window collage

Dusty old family photos once again see the light of day in Debapaka’s collage. She used the panes of a chipped, old window to tell the individual stories of her family. In case you were wondering, the artist is the pink little baby in the lower-left frame. Ah, now ain’t that sweet?

#5 – Décor Pan-demic?

weird window pots pans holder

Well, hats off to Chonlahan for using her head for more than a pot rack. She cured a potential “Pan-demic” by mounting an old window to the ceiling with chains and hooks, and then added a little flair with some decorative ivy and grapevines.

#6 – Ten Thousand Spoons…

weird window spoons

What better way to sell your killer collection of Christmas spoons than to reuse of these old windows as a craft display rack? I’m not sure if the seller got the scoop on more sales, but it’s one of craftiest uses for old windows we’ve seen, not to mention it’s as green as green bean casserole.

#7 - Home, Sweet Rainforest Waterfall

weird window scene

Don’t like the view? Make one of your own. Although the ceramic snail collection is a bit creepy, you have to appreciate the initiative of this basement apartment decorator’s use of an old window frame and the obviously fake view of a cascading rainforest waterfall.

#8 – Hands Off My Porcelain Elf Figurines!

weird window table

Tired of your coffee table decorations getting kicked around by that big-footed, TV-watching lounge hound? Here’s an idea: put those scented candles, candy dishes and elf figurines under glass and out of harm’s way with this simple table-shadow box project using a latched window frame. Weird, but awesome.