5 Winter Window Treatments to Keep the Chill Outside

From on December 17, 2009 in Window Replacement

Just because cold, dreary weather reigns king outside doesn’t mean you have to let it in. Insulated windows help with the elements while decorative coverings keep the chill from your attitude. Warm up the room with some of the coolest window treatments around. window treatment silk drapes#1 – Here, powder-blue and chocolate-brown Thai silk drapes fall elegantly from the top of the room. Choose the precise length for formality or simply puddle the long curtains onto the floor. The rich dyes are one of today’s most chosen and chic blends. window treatment room#2 Color combos are cool and add warmth to a kid’s room. Suspended by metal circles around hooks, the pressed red fabric presents a crisp, clean look. And blue mesh shutters complement every piece of the space. window treatment colorswindow treatment flyn jorun Flyn Jorun panel curtain Flyn Ofelia panel curtain #3 - Curtains by IKEA may be all you need to know. The light yellow curtains above are from their wide selection, along with Flyn Jorun and Flyn Ofelia panel curtains on sale at $44.99 for a three-pack. window treatment drapes#4 - Miller Curtain Billboard Rod Pocket Panel will make you wish for a dress and maybe a tailored skirt from this contemporary fabric. The panels show off their striking stripes in the living area. window treatmentwindow treatment#5 - Old mills-turned-loft apartments are all the rage and the windows are to die for. That is, until it’s time to dress them up. Sewn fabric, shower curtains and canvas paint drop cloths from a hardware store can save the soaring open space from cold drafts.