Vintage and Thrift Decor: Getting it Right

From on June 28, 2010 in Tools and Tips

While using thrift and vintage finds in your home can be a cheaper and greener way to personalize your space, too many old things haphazardly accumulated can create a dusty consignment shop vibe rather than stylish individualism. There’s something magical about finding that unique piece that comes with a visible history, but what do we do with that piece to get a balanced, deliberately created dwelling? These three tips help breathe new life into old things. vintage decor dining room

#1 – Work with a Unifying Element

Using a color to tie old and new together will help integrate those unique flea market finds without making them stand out awkwardly. This Brooklyn townhouse was gutted and recreated with 19th-century sensibilities and incorporating modern elements. The many details here work together by sticking to neutrals and adding bits of yellow.

vintage decor globes

#2 – Mix Old with New

Use a collection to tie together old and new objects. Things that supercede different eras, such as typewriters, globes or serving platters. Or pair your modern couch with a used Eames lounge chair and ottoman (and if you find one used and in good condition, lucky are you).

vintage decor random

#3 – Take Your Time

Showing discretion in what you bring into your home allows for your space to develop conscientiously over time. While it’s tempting (and sometimes important) to grab what excites you, hunt with your aesthetic parameters in mind. You’ll find yourself scratching your head less at what to do with those random things from past consignment store crazes.

Photo Credit: Lmarch, Flickr & GranTourismoTravels