Tools & Tips for Closet Makeovers

From on May 14, 2008 in Tools and Tips

Clean ClosetMost of the time our closets are too small. Even if they seem big the first time we see them, empty of course, over time they accumulate more and more things and often become less and less organized. Closet renovation can be a great way to maximize space or make more space.

For starters clean it out. If your closet has accumulated a bunch of unnecessary items, get rid of them or move them to the garage or attic and out of the way. Now, before removing a portion of any wall, you will need to make sure there are no bearing points involved. It is often a good idea to hire a contractor to come in and assess the situation.

Shelves, and lots of them, are a great idea. They are essential for neatly storing shoes, sweaters, bags, boxes, whatever. Keeping things out of a pile on the floor will help beautifully. Building upper and lower rods that are not long will help too. Use the extra space for shelving or even drawers.

For a walk-in closet, good lighting is very important. Track lighting or recessed lights are great for closets. Track lighting works well because you can direct light to different parts of the closet. If the closet is large enough and on an exterior wall, a small window is an excellent renovation idea. What’s better than natural light? Especially to get you ready for your day on bright summer mornings. Or, if you are annexing a part of your bedroom to build a master closet, consider enclosing an existing window if possible and save time and money.

Finally, if you’re rebuilding your closet, think about installing a pocket door. These are great for closets because they take up much less space than a typical hinged, swinging door, or even folding doors.

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