Tools & Tips: Creating Your Own Outdoor Bench

From on November 03, 2008 in Tools and Tips

Outside Bench

An outdoor bench makes a great accent for your deck, patio, or overall landscape design. Whether built for your little woodland nook or to sit and watch the birds and bees enjoy the blossoming flower beds, your new bench will be a relaxing spot to enjoy any number of outdoor activities.

There are a wealth of possibilities in bench designs, too many for me to outline here. The simple beauty of a butcher block redwood bench or the functionality of a bench seat with built-in storage for gardening tools are just two options. Here are some very basic tips for creating your own outdoor bench. The rest is up to you.

  1. Decide what you want. Where do you want the bench? Whether you want it on your redwood deck, in front of the cedar fence, or in a stand of maple trees, the location of the bench will help you decide on material and style.
  2. Quick Tip: Consider salvaging lumber for your bench. Whether from an old, dilapidated barn or leftovers from your last DIY project, salvaging old materials will save money and create a unique, perhaps vintage feel.
  3. Need a design? Finding several design possibilities for your outdoor bench is as easy as a quick internet search. Within two minutes I found this site with over 76 links to free bench plans.
  4. Build yourself a bench! Once you have a set of plans or, at least, some good ideas for your own design, you can get started. You don’t need a full wood shop to do it either. Your bench can be as complex or simple as you like. The key is to have fun, experiment, and enjoy.