Tools and Tips: Replacement Doorknobs

From on May 13, 2008 in Tools and Tips

DoorknobsIf you’re tired of loose, faded, obnoxious doorknobs, then your car keys are probably in one hand and your mind is already at the store. Before you run out, here are some tips on doorknobs so that you’ll know what you’re looking at and to help you decide what you’re looking for.

Doorknobs come in four main types: entrance, privacy, passage, and dummy knobs. Entrance knobs, as you might guess, are usually used on exterior doors and have keyed cylinders. Privacy doorknobs are used in bedrooms and bathrooms and are lockable, but do not have keyed cylinders. Passage knobs do not lock and are used in linen closets, clothes closets, etc. Dummy doorknobs are aptly named because they are not really a doorknob at all. They consist of a single knob which is mounted through the back of the door (usually a cabinet or closet where a latch is unnecessary). Dummy knobs, for example, are often used with ball catch hardware on bifold closet doors.

DoorknobsDoorknobs come in a variety of styles and materials also. You can find glass and wooden knobs, and knobs with metallic finishes such as brass, bronze, chrome, and even pewter. Styles or shapes include round, oval, rosette, and more. Finding a doorknob to fit your home should be easy. Doorknobs come in standard sizes and most home improvement stores will carry a wide variety. Redoing your doorknobs shouldn’t cost much time or money.

So be gone with the days of getting locked in the bathroom with naught but a spinning doorknob in your clutches!

Re-doing your doors as well? Hire a certified contractor and take the trouble out of remodeling.