Tips for a Worry-Free Wedding … at Home

From on April 29, 2009 in Tools and Tips

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Weddings are glorious occasions filled with family and friends coming together to make lifelong memories and share in the beginning of a new union. But….they can be stressful to prepare for. More and more happy couples are opting to get married in their own home are yard or at a relative’s home. This can offer several advantages like saving money, increasing comfort, and providing the freedom to make your wedding any which way you want it.

Aside from the norm of choices every couple must face (like music, food and clothing details), planning a home wedding comes with a bit more responsibility.

Make Sure Your Yard Is in Tip-Top Shape

  • Move all debris.
  • Do your best to enhance the landscape; have the lawn mowed and edged, bare spots seeded, flower beds and gardens weeded and filled with attractive growth, walkways cleared and in good repair.
  • Attractiveness is important, but safety is vital - so make sure that there aren’t any tripping hazards, like raised sprinkler heads or hoses lying about.

The Easiest Way to Set Up for the Ceremony Is to Let Someone Else Do It

  • Have your wedding planner (if you have one) visit the site early and go over your plans ahead of time.
  • If you don’t have a wedding planner, try calling the rental company reps and have them do site visits. Tell them what you are planning and how you envision the event, and see what they can do for you.
  • Coordinate and plan how many chairs you want and where and how they should be placed, where to put a podium for the wedding officiate, a carpet for the bridal aisle, and an archway for the wedding party to stand under and around.

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Make It Easy On Yourself

  • Take a tour of your home and try to see it through the eyes of someone who’s never been there before. Take notes, making a list of anything unsightly that needs to be fixed, removed, or replaced.
  • In addition to any small home improvements you’ll also need to do some spring cleaning. Not only to offer a comfortable and clean place for guests to sit, mingle, or use the restroom, you’ll also need to make space for certain wedding functions like a bedroom or master bath for people in the wedding party to change, counter and refrigerator space for food and the cake, room in a clean kitchen for the caterer to prepare or reheat dishes, etc.
  • I mentioned it before, but it’s a big one - lots of people will be needing to use the bathroom(s). Make sure that you have all the necessities - there’s nothing worse than being trapped in a friend’s bathroom during a momentous event and hoping that the right person will hear your hesitant pleas of “Does anyone have a square to spare?” Stock up on toilet paper, hand soap, air freshener, and clean hand towels.

Be kind to yourself during this process, preparing your home so that tens of guests can come tromping through and making a mess of your hard work can be stressful enough. Having to clean up (again) after they go can be all it takes to put you over the edge. My recommendation: pay a cleaning service or even some local teens looking to make some mad money to come take care of putting your house and yard back to rights.